The little Catalan pearl on the Riviera del Corallo.

A bit of history.

The city is located in the north west of Sardinia and is inserted in an important natural port that includes the Bay of Porto Conte. A "shelter" of great importance in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, which has aroused great interest for the navigators of history.

Already in 1102 it was fortified by the Doria family, while from 1283 to 1284 it passed under the dominion of the Pisan Republic and then returned to the Genoese family.

On 15 June 1354, the King of Aragon Peter IV the Ceremonious showed up in the harbor of Alghero with more than 90 galleys and, after months of grueling siege, Alghero became Catalan.
Expelled the original inhabitants, the city was repopulated with people from the Iberian peninsula: thus began the long Catalan history (XIV-XVIII) of Alghero. A story that is written around its walls, immediately becoming the story of a Fortress City.

Alghero is the only linguistic island of Catalan in Italy, so much so that it bears the nickname of "Barcelloneta" (little Barcelona).

Alghero and its surroundings

The town has 6 museums, four archaeological sites, an attractive regional natural park, a vast protected marine area, a fascinating lagoon area and amazing trekking routes surrounded  in the pristine green of the Mediterranean scrub.

You can experience horseback riding in the Porto Ferro bay, visit the numerous Saracen towers along the coast or take a guided tour in the nuragic village of Palmavera or in the necropolis of Anghelu Ruju, famous for its domus de janas.
In short, not only beaches and sea, albeit beautiful.

Alghero also boasts a traditional cuisine mainly based on fish, with dishes that sometimes wink at the typical Sardinian one or some Catalan specialties such as paella.
There are several wine cellars in the area, with the possibility of booking tours and tastings, as well as oil mills, where some of the best extra virgin oils in the world are produced.

The average daytime temperature in the colder months is between 15 and 19 degrees.

The Riviera del Corallo airport is only 8 km from our Guest House and the Catalan town and is connected to the main Italian and European cities.