We're green!

Small gestures for our planet.

If you love the environment and are looking for an accommodation in Alghero where attention to eco-sustainability is the rule, Musica Guest House is for you.

We are very sensitive to respect for our land and to limit our environmental impact in daily life we have installed a photovoltaic system with which we produce energy and domestic hot water.

In your bathroom you will also find a small water pump: using it, if you wish, will help us to use as little descaler as possible for cleaning the shower glass and our sea will thank us!

We have also recovered some objects and structural parts of the old building, giving it new life or simply a new look, convinced that not everything that is dated or deteriorated is irreparably unusable.

Separate collection is another of our must, also because here in Alghero there is a door to door system: we are sure that you will help us to do it correctly, it takes very little!